Saturday 2 March 2013

Install Active Directory (AD) On Windows Server 2012 -Step By Step Guide

Till windows server 2008 r2 you can install Active Directory Using dc-promo Command , But for Windows server 2012 this command is not available , you can install Active directory using Power shell commands or by installation of Roles in Windows server Manager.
I will Follow the GUI Method to Install active Directory.

Open the Windows server manager for 2012. And Click on Manage  and Select Add Roles and Features Option.
Add Role for Active Directory
Select installation type as "Role based or Feature Based Installation " and Press Next to Continue

Select Server Destination Server "Select Particular server and Press Next"

Select server role "Active Directory Domain Services Role"  and Press Next to Proceed.

it will prompt for Features that are required for Active Directory Domain services Role. Click to add Features.

Below screen Shows some information about active directory  with message about DNS Server is required for Active directory.  Press Next to continue.

next step will show the details about Selected role and related features, press Install to Continue

Installation Progress screen will shown , it will take few minutes to proceed

 After installation Close the screen.

 you will notice on Server manager  that "Active Directory Domain service" are added at left panel, Click on it and it shows the Configure the AD-DS. and select the Add New forest  and provide your root domain name in text box. Click next to continue.

select functional level for domain and forest and press next

DNS Options will appear if delegation the select otherwise press  Next  to continue

Additional options for NetBIOS Name,(it will Automatically Populate based to you previous settings)

Select path for Database and Other folders if you want to change you can select other path , Default setting it will populate C drive path.

Review options that you select in previous screens, if any thing wrong you can select previous to change the settings. and also can view installation script by pressing View Script button. Select Next to continue.

Script Preview

Final Step and Review all Pre-Req and Press Install to finish the Installation, 

 After Completion your system will reboot.

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