Thursday 21 March 2013

SharePoint 2010 Performance Point Score Cards using SharePoint Lists

Performance Point is Service and Part of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Features, Used to analyze Data with in SharePoint, or other Source. SharePoint 2010 have Dashboard designer tool to Create dashboards, scorecards, reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Easiest way to start the performance point is - Create Business Intelligence center or use existing Business Intelligence Site because it contain libraries to Store Performance Point contents.

It Contain following libraries

Dashboards Contains Web part pages, Web part pages with Status Lists and Performance Point deployed dashboards 

Data Connections Contains ODC, UDC and Performance Point data connections 

Performance Point Content Contains Performance Point items, including scorecards, KPIs, reports, filters, indicators, and dashboards 

Create SharePoint List for sample demonstration

In this example I am creating list with the name of Students Records using Custom List Template and Add 3 Custom Columns (year (Number), Enrollments (Number) and Target (number))
Add some testing records in it.

How to launch Performance Point designer 2010
Click at home page of BI Center

Select Create Dashboard - > Click at “Start using Performance Point Designer

Click at Run “performance Point Designer”

If you’re unable to lunch performance designer then please look at following article unable to launch Performance Point designer
Create Data Source:
Right Click on Data Connection and select new Data source

Select SharePoint List (you can choose any source currently for this demonstration we have SharePoint List)

Provide Data Connection/Data source Values
SharePoint Site URL -> Select All List -> and then choose particular list from all lists, Click Test Button to test your Data Source.

If you want to rename the Data connection select Properties Tab and Provide Different name.

To View the Data Select View tab and Press Preview Button at Right Corner. As we have year as Number Field so select year Column and in properties select Column type as Dimension.
Or you can skip this step if your year column is Single line Text.

Now Our Data Source or data Connection is Configured Properly, Next step is Creating Displaying item Type, for this example I am using Score card.         
Create Score Card
Right Click on Performance Point Contents -> New ->Score card

Popup will open to configure Performance Point Score Card. Select Tabular from Lift Category and select SharePoint List.

Select Data Source in Next Step

Press next and Click at Add KPI (if you have Existing KPI you can use by clicking at select KPI)

Rename the KPI and select Actual as (Enrollment), band method as (Increasing is better) and target as (Target) .and Press Next.

Next Add Filter option remains as default don’t change anything and press Next

Select members -> Check the Check box and press Select Dimension and Choose year

Select performance Point Content location, if you want to change the location then press browse button otherwise leaves it blank.

Press Finish

Your score card is Ready, now we have to deploy it in SharePoint Site, for this we need to Create One Dashboard.
Right Click on performance Point Contents -> new and Select Dash Board. 

Select the DashBoard page Template , For simple select "1 Zone" 

It will show 2 portion, one for page name and other for contents , if you want to change page name you can easily change page 1 to your desire name. and in DashBoard Contents area you can place contents that are available in Details section at Right corner. as for this example we have one score card so drag your score card from detail pane to DashBoard Contents area.

After that you have to deploy you dash board at SharePoint Site , Right Click at Dash board and select Deploy Option and in Next Popup window Choose Location to deploy, you can chose master page and Navigation option as well if you want to change

After Pressing OK it will automatically show results in browser.


  1. Hi, Any idea in how to select "All members"?
    Thing is that if you add a new member for any given dimension at your dataSource , Performance Points does no add it automatically to the Score Card.

  2. You Can use named set . it will automatically update the Contents

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