Thursday 12 July 2012

Sharepoint designer 2010 , Create Custom List Forms With Controls and Fields Validation

As SharePoint designer is no code solution for SharePoint, you can see there are list of all controls available in SharePoint designer,
I am looking to create new item Form using Custom controls
Step 1: Create List Named as “Contacts” (You can Use any Name) with following columns.
Title Single line of text
Address Multiple lines of text
E-Mail Single line of text
Step 2: Open SharePoint Site in SharePoint Designer
            Navigate to List and libraries; Select the List named as contacts.
            Select the List settings for Ribbon and then select List Form or you will find same option at
side in second group/panel Click New. And Give some appropriate name to page.
You can see below screen shot as well to follow the Steps
Step 3 : Edit page in advance mode

Now Delete the Email Address Field from Form ->

Now go to insert and select Controls and Select Text Box Control.

Note its Id will be display and control is selected; now associate this control with SharePoint List Column.

After that Add regular Expression validation Control to validate the Email Address field.
Follow the same steps as Insert -> -> Regular Expression Control.
Open its Properties Window or you can edit its properties in Source View. Properties to be set such as Control to Validate, Error Message, Set Focus, Regular expression etc. like I have select its email Address  Validation you can write you own by selecting Custom Option,
“{} “ these braces did not work in SharePoint , so you cannot use them in regular expression.

Now save it and Open it in browser.
Type invalid email address it will Show error message

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  1. Very nice article about creating custom tag in sharepoint development .
    Screen shots made it easy to understand the procedure.