Friday 26 September 2014

Network Load Balancing Using Windows Server 2012 For SharePoint 2013

Consider the Example That i have 2 Front-End server and One DNS record for Load Balance

Server Name
Front end 1
Front end 2
Load Balancer Name

SP2013-FE01 Sever

Step 1: Open Server Manager

Step 2: Click Manage on Right Top and Select “Add Role and Features”

Step 3: Leave every thing Default and Click Next

Step 4: "Select Installation Type"Leave Default and Press Next

Step 5:Selecting Destination server “Leave Default and Press Next

Step 6: “Selecting Role “Leave Default and Press Next

Step 7: “Selecting Feature “Select Network Load Balancing After checking the Check box it will prompt for Extra Features.

Step 8: Select Extra Feature Required for Network Load Balancing and Press Add Features and will return to main features screen, Press Install

Installation Process will start, Wait for Completion of installation

SP2013-FE02 Server

Open The Second Front server and Repeat the Step 1 to step 8.

Configuration of Network Load balance.

Open the Server First Server SP2013-FE01

Step 1: Open Server Manager and Click Tools and Select Network Load Balancing manager.

Step 2:   From Menu select Cluster and Sub Menu New.

Step 3: Enter the first Host Name, in current scenario I am using SP2013-FE01 and Press Connect
After connecting successfully it will add in interfaces And Press Next

Step 4: New Cluster -- > Host parameters  make sure for first node Priority  is select  1 from Drop down and Default state is to be selected as started .

Step 5: Define Cluster IP -> Press Add Button to Add cluster IP.

Step 6: Enter IP for Cluster in My Case I am using and Subnet is and Press OK

Step 7: Select the Cluster from Drop Down, (automatically selected if not selected then select manually) Enter the Full Internet name and From Cluster Operation Mode Select Multicast and press Next

Step 8: Port Rules it will select from 0 to 65535 if you want to edit it, otherwise leave as default and Press Finish.
Now you can see you Cluster , One node is already added, 

Add Second Node to the NLB Cluster

Right Click on Cluster  -"Add Host to the Cluster"

Enter Host IP and Press Connect after Press Connect it will added into interfaces.

Setting the host parameters, For This Node select priority 2 and state as "started"

Press Next and it will prompt for Ports setting , If you want to change can edit other wise leave it default.

Verify the nodes.

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