Thursday 11 August 2016

SharePoint 2013 features overview part 1

SharePoint 2013 is consider to be new way of working together. SharePoint in simple “Share Point “ Just divide into 2 words, its Point or central location to share your ideas, moreover you can organize the contents, discover (search) and manage the contents. Share the knowledge and distribute to other personnel in teams and organization.
Its product with lot of features called out of the box features, IT professional can manage the information based on customers’ requirements, developers can extent the out of the box features and designer can build new eye catching designs.

·         New authentication, classic mode authentication is no longer available in Sharepoint 2013, only claim based authentication is available. And there are lot improvements in it and allows server to server and app authentication in Sharepoint 2013.
·         Business connectivity services provides a way to connect using oData, previously only using web service (WCF), SQL and custom using .Net.

·         Added new video content type to manage the videos. Easy to display videos on the pages.

·         Thumbnail preview images are create automatically as you upload the video into Sharepoint library.

·         SharePoint 2013 allows you add iframe inside HTML field on the page.

·         It allows you to create image rendition. Which helps to show different sized images on different pages. Image Renditions feature is available under the site settings

·         Variations for multilingual sites SharePoint 2013 having a new service called machine translation service.

·         Cross site publishing manages the reuse the contents across multiple site collections.

·         SharePoint 2013 added new concept of Catalog enabled list and libraries, its type of list storing information that can publish across the sites collections, contents from catalog has been crawled and become part of search index and can display using content search web part.

·         Design manager is new feature only for publishing sites in Sharepoint. You can convert html design to Sharepoint master page. You can import & export design package.

·         Device channels allow you to manage design for different devices by creating different channels for different devices. By assigning different design to different channel.

·         Office web app, is now available as separate server and we can create office web server as farm and need to do binding with Sharepoint server, at the same time office web app can use with Lync and exchange.

·         Fast search is no more. Search architecture is changed and there are lot enhancements in it please see the details for search service Sharepoint 2013.

·         New Workflow engine , there is new Sharepoint workflow engine for Sharepoint 2013 build on base of windows workflow manger 4.5, if you install Sharepoint 2013 and did not install and configure Sharepoint 2013 workflow manager you will only experience Sharepoint 2010 workflows which is installed automatically with Sharepoint 2013.

·         New service applications

o    App Management service application is new service application use to manage app available in form, permissions, and app licenses  
o   Machine translation service is new service application used for variation of sites and provide automated translation of Sharepoint contents
o   Work management service application is new service application, Sharepoint 2013 provide great feature of single view all assigned task to person, it integrate assigned task from sites , exchange and project service.

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