Thursday 7 February 2013

how to Install SharePoint 2010 SP1

How to Install SP1 on SharePoint 2010.
First you have to check you server version Number  
Go to Central Administration -> System Settings -> Servers in Farm and Configuration Database version Number.

Step 1: Download SP1 from Download SP1
Step 2: Installation of SP1
Run officeserver2010sp1-kb2460045-x64-fullfile-en-us.exe

Click Check Box to continue.
After that its start Extracting, Loading and start updating: Like as below screenshots

It will take Few minutes’ depends on server performance. After Installation you got message to restart server

After Restarts Run SharePoint configuration Wizard. After restart you see in Central administration your Configuration database Version is same as before installation, to make change you have to Run SharePoint 2010 products Configuration Wizard.
To Run Wizard follow the steps below.

It will take few minutes’ to updates.

After that you can your configuration Database Version is Changed and its look like below image.

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